Private Clinic centered on Respiratory Allergy on Montreal’s South shore

Unique expertise and services in ENT, Allergy and allergy-related Asthma


A Breakthrough Treatment for Allergies

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A private Allergy-ENT clinic

Our private medical clinic is devoted to the advanced treatment of allergies and ENT (Otolaryngology) disorders.

A new approach to allergy. Innovative allergy tests (molecular allergy) and the proactive treatment of respiratory allergies with sublingual immunotherapy and impeccable ENT monitoring and follow-up.

Let AVANT GARDE Médical™ give you the care you deserve with one single consultation instead of one visit to see an ENT specialist and another to see an allergist.

Dr. Guy Tropper is the first private practice ENT specialist in Quebec. He provides outstanding patient care at AVANT GARDE Médical™, a private Allergy-ENT clinic in Boucherville, on the South Shore of Montreal. Experienced and dedicated to clinical innovation and Allergy-ENT care, AVANT GARDE Médical™ will address your concerns thoroughly.

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