A unique approach in allergy medicine

Our unique approach is what differentiates AVANT GARDE Médical™ private ENT – Allergy clinic. A genuine concern for our patients’ well-being and health care aspirations motivates us to remain at the forefront of new technologies, treatment options and techniques. Dr. Tropper and his team have extensive experience in the field of ENT and Allergy. Their combined expertise and dedication to providing premium patient care and service sets AVANT GARDE Médical™ private ENT – Allergy clinic apart. A true commitment to the provision of personalized high-quality solutions can improve make a change in your life.

Treating allergy rather than just its symptoms.

Our approach is based on a core principle: treating the allergy rather than only treating the symptoms (sneezing, nasal congestion, runny nose, itchy eyes and nose, rhinitis, conjunctivitis or asthma). Once a proper clinical evaluation – which includes allergy tests – has been performed and a respiratory allergy is diagnosed, it is preferable to alter the course of respiratory allergies by initiating the treatment from the outset. Waiting, only treating the symptoms as they appear will only allow for more allergies, asthma and complications of respiratory allergies to develop. Although specialists often recommend taking antihistamines, such as Aerius®, Allegra®, Reactine® or Claritin®, or topical nasal steroids, such as Nasonex®, Omnaris®, or Flonase®, to help alleviate or mask allergy symptoms, these medications will not stop the progression of the respiratory allergies. They represent but a portion of a comprehensive and personalized treatment plan developed by a conscientious allergy specialist. At AVANT GARDE Médical™ private ENT – Allergy clinic, Dr. Tropper prides himself on utilizing the most advanced treatments and technologies not only treat and relieve your symptoms but, hopefully to try to cure your allergies or at least change for the better the course of the allergic condition.

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A major breakthrough

Sublingual immunotherapy

Committed to providing premier patient experience and care, AVANT GARDE Médical™ private ENT – Allergy clinic uses the latest technologies such as sublingual immunotherapy – a groundbreaking scientific advance in the treatment of allergies. Compared to allergen injection immunotherapy (“allergy shots”), a demanding and underused treatment of allergy, sublingual immunotherapy offers the efficient treatment of allergies in the comfort and convenience of one’s home without injections or shots. In addition, sublingual immunotherapy is considered safer than subcutaneous immunotherapy. Scientific research has found that treating respiratory allergies with immunotherapy reduces the development of new respiratory allergies, asthma or complications such as chronic sinusitis, the oral allergy syndrome, eosinophilic esophagitis and others.

At AVANT GARDE Médical™ private ENT – Allergy clinic, we foster a positive attitude towards allergy care, one focused on changing the course of allergies and understanding their dynamic evolution in our patients. Allergy is not a static condition but an evolving one. The progression of allergies is often referred to as the atopic or allergy march, which observes the progression of allergic disease with age. Infants and young children with eczema are at high risk for developing subsequent allergic diseases such as food allergies, then respiratory or seasonal allergies and, eventually, asthma.

Positive change

A diagnosis of allergy does not have to be a life sentence of living with allergies!

Our approach to allergy

European influence

AVANT GARDE Médical™ private ENT – Allergy clinic’s approach to allergy is based on Europe’s success with advanced allergy care. Dr. Tropper undertook specific training in Europe, where he adopted a more proactive, patient-centered attitude towards allergy management. Rather than limiting recommendations to avoidance measures such as removing pets causing allergies from a home, Dr. Tropper advocates a more flexible approach, keeping in mind the unique relationship some patients have with their pets. Although it is best to limit allergen exposure and keep symptoms under control, should you decide to keep your pet, AVANT GARDE Médical™ private ENT – Allergy clinic understands your decision and is committed to helping you through the judicious use of treatments, such as sublingual immunotherapy among others.

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