Allergic Asthma

An allergist / allergy medicine specialist is the best-qualified physician to properly evaluate a patient’s allergic condition and look for an asthma-related extension of the patient’s allergic condition.

Comprehensive allergy evaluation are performed at AVANT GARDE Médical™, a private Allergy – ENT clinic, relying on advanced instrumentation and techniques for optimal asthma diagnosis and management:


    • Clinical screening
    • FeNO: the measurement of fractional exhaled nitric oxide in expired breath for the assessment and treatment of airway inflammation
    • Allergic asthma treatment plan
    • Comprehensive counselling and support


Asthma is an inflammatory condition that occurs when a person’s airways and lungs respond to allergens or irritants. An inflammatory reaction causes the contraction of airway bronchial muscle fibres, which narrows and obstructs the airways. Breathing – exhaling in particular – becomes difficult. A sense of oppression may result. The role of inflammatory mediators released during an allergic episode, histamine in particular, is better known today. Beyond the impact on the bronchial tubes’ muscular layer, these mediators trigger an increase of fluids in the airways, causing cough and further breathing discomfort. In the long run, persistent inflammation ultimately causes critical structural and functional changes in the airways with the disruption of the bronchial lining and thickening of the airway wall.

Fortunately, asthma responds well to a range of uncomplicated treatments, especially when diagnosed early and managed with a specific action plan. AVANT GARDE Médical™, a private Allergy – ENT clinic, offers comprehensive services and care to allergic patients, including the pro-active diagnosis and treatment of allergic asthma. Breathe better…live better!

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