Allergic rhinitis

Immunotherapy, an attractive option for the treatment of respiratory allergies

Allergic rhinitis : the nose as a choice landing site for allergens

Allergic rhinitis, a common manifestation of respiratory allergies, affects an ever increasing proportion of our population, causing an exaggerated response to numerous allergens (proteins) present in our environment.

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Allergic rhinitis, frequently a seasonal issue

Numerous symptoms and complications relate to allergic rhinitis : nasal congestion and discharge, sneezing (often in sneezing fits) and itchiness extending beyond the nose to the eyes and the throat. Nasal congestion can progress so as to affect the sense of smell and the function of the sinuses, this sometimess leading to chronic sinusitis.

Many patients with respiratory allergies notice seasonal exacerbations. Symptoms may occur at the same time each year or vary in severity all year round with a marked deterioration over a certain season. Allergy symptoms may be triggered by airborne tree, grass or weed pollens among others. Some molds cause trouble during the summer or fall while house dust mite allergic patients usually notice worsening symptoms during the winter or even in the middle of summer when our airtight houses’ windows are kept shut. Global warming further contributes to a general worsening of seasonal allergies.

In other situations, allergic rhinitis is a year-round issue. Perennial allergic rhinitis thus results from sustained exposure to allergenic substances present in our household environment such as animal dander or house dust mite related proteins.

Immunotherapy, an effective treatment for allergic rhinitis

Fortunately, there are nowadays effective options for the treatment of allergic rhinitis. More than ever, it is now possible to change the course of allergic rhinitis and do more than simply controlling the symptoms. Sublingual immunotherapy represents an appealing treatment option for allergic rhinitis, even in childhood. By proposing a novel approach that brings together simpler and effective solutions, the team at AVANT GARDE MédicalMD represents unique expertise to help you with the treatment of your respiratory allergies.

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