House Dust (Mite) Allergy

Immunotherapy: a real treatment for house dust mite (HDM) allergy.

Whether we like it or not, dust mites are part of our everyday life!

When dust particles are seen floating around in an operating room in spite a $500,000 high performance air filter system, there is little doubt that eliminating dust at home or in the office is a never-ending battle!

House dust or dust mites?

House dust “bunnies” found in the house may well be though to cause allergy and indeed these may carry all sorts of things one can be allergic to, including cat, dog dander and even pollen sometimes. Yet, when we talk about allergy to dust, we generally refer to the allergenic proteins emitted by microscopic creatures called house dust mites.

Dust mites are microscopic creatures that belong to the arachnid family (spiders). They thrive in warm, humid places and feed on dead skin cells, making our living quarters, mattresses, pillows and cushy textile surfaces the perfect set-up for house dust mites to develop. Reducing allergy symptoms requires to get rid of dust, keep the humidity of your home relatively low, try to have smooth easy-to-clean surfaces in your home, and wrap mattresses and pillows in protective covers. Although these actions will help reduce allergy symptoms, it is virtually impossible to completely rid your home of house dust mites and their allergens floating in the air.

Change the course of house dust mite (HDM) allergy with immunotherapy

Avoidance is one thing and while it can certainly help, wouldn’t it be better for the allergic person to improve his or her tolerance to this household contaminant. That’s precisely what immunotherapy can achieve for most house dust mite allergy sufferers. Sublingual immunotherapy, in particular, can change the course of dust mite allergy and reduce the risk of developing new respiratory diseases and asthma. All this quite safely, through drops of therapeutic allergens taken daily in the comfort of your home! AVANT GARDE Médical™, a private Allergy – ENT clinic offers an innovative approach to the treatment of house dust mite allergy and practical solutions to change the course of the condition altogether.

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