Respiratory allergies

Immunotherapy, an attractive option for the treatment of your respiratory allergies

When nature or our animal friends make us sick

Whether birch, grass or ragweed pollen is involved or possibly hous dust mite (HDM) or cat allergen, these small particles (a few microns in diameter) float in the air and inevitably land in our nose (a natural filter), lungs or even in our eyes.

There are several types of respiratory allergies : allergy to cats, dogs, to house dust mite or various pollen among others. Respiratory allergies are commonly classified as perennial (occuring year-round) or seasonal.

Perennial (year-round)
respiratory allergies

Seasonal allergies


    • Tree pollen
      Birch, oak, beech, ash, maple, etc.
    • Grass pollen
    • « Weeds » – Hay fever
      Ragweed, Mugwort, etc.
    • Outdoor molds

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With allergy sufferers, respiratory allergies may give rise to symptoms of allergic rhinitis, asthma and or conjunctivitis (allergic inflammation of the thin membrane covering the eyes).

Respiratory allergies typically cause rhinitis (inflammation of the lining of the nose) with : sneezing (sneezing fits), nasal congestion, nasal dischage and itchiness. At the level of the eyes, allergens may generate itchiness, watery eyes and swollen eyelids typical of allergic conjunctivitis. Respiratory allergies will frequently progress towards the development of further respiratory allergies and the sensitization of the lungs leading to allergic asthma with wheezing, cough, shortness of breath and a sense of chest tightness.

Pollen seasons


Immunotherapy, an effective way to change the course of respiratory allergies

<h3>Breathe better and live better : there is effective treatment for respiratory allergies.</h3>
Fortunately, we now have access to effective treatment options for respiratory allergies. More than ever before, it is now possible to treat allergy beyond the mere control of symptoms. Sublingual immunotherapy brings new hope to change the course of respiratory allergies, even in children.

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