Services for patients with allergies

Dr. Tropper and AVANT GARDE Médical™, a private Allergy – ENT clinic provide advanced medical care and services.

Diagnosis and therapy

    • Skin prick tests: MULTITEST PC®, DUOTIP-TEST®
    • Intradermal dilutional testing, modified quantitative testing (MQT)
    • IMMUNOCAP®specific IgE (allergy blood tests)
    • Molecular allergy: Allergen components IMMUNOCAP®, UKNOW-PEANUT®, IMMUNOCAP ISAC®
    • Photodocumentation of skin test results
    • Allergy prophylaxis: innovative and specialized counselling
    • Comprehensive treatment plan, counselling, monitoring and follow-up
    • Sublingual immunotherapy
    • Electronic medical record evaluation and management
    • Oral allergy (pollen-food) syndrome: evaluation and counselling

Asthma allergy management

    • Clinical screening
    • FeNO (Fractional exhaled nitric oxide) measurement with medical device Niox Mino® for the assessment and monitoring of airway inflammation
    • Comprehensive counselling, monitoring and follow-up
    • Comprehensive treatment plan

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