Why choose AVANT GARDE Médical™ – Allergy clinic?

AVANT GARDE Médical™, a private ENT – Allergy clinic

Quick access to ENT Allergy Specialist

Choosing AVANT GARDE Médical™ private ENT – Allergy clinic means opting for a private clinic where you can quickly access an ENT Allergy Specialist. No need to go through a walk in clinic or general practitioner to get a referral. AVANT GARDE Médical™ private ENT – Allergy clinic can often accommodate appointment on the same day, with a professional welcome and warm medical suite. A consultation at AVANT GARDE Médical™ private ENT – Allergy clinic gives you the opportunity to assess several medical issues in one visit. We take the time required to evaluate your situation and answer your questions.

A unique approach in allergy medicine

With 25 years of experience as a specialist of nasal and sinus conditions and constantly monitoring scientific developments in Europe and the US., Dr. Tropper is a leader in allergy medicine in Québec. Particularly through sublingual immunotherapy, a simpler and safer alternative to traditional desensitization injections, and molecular allergology, AVANT GARDE Médical™ private ENT – Allergy clinic presents an innovative approach to allergy with new solutions for our allergic patients.

The patient at the centre of it all!

Beyond its sophisticated technological suite, AVANT GARDE Médical™ private ENT – Allergy clinic offers each patient the choice to be at the centre of it all, to get a better look at the clinical reality, to discuss it with their family members, to identify the issues and to take the most adequate decisions.

The medical care of AVANT GARDE Médical™

    • 1. Direct access to an ENT Allergy medicine specialist in a private clinic.
      No need to see your GP (general practitioner) or the walk in clinic to get a referral!
    • Get an appointment quickly, often on the same day.
    • Warm and professional welcome.
    • Leading-edge medical technological suite made for better understanding and decision making!
    • Get a consultation in ENT and allergy in one visit.
    • You can seek evaluation for more than one problem in the same visit!


    • Innovative treatment approach:
      “Yes, you can choose to keep your cat and we’ll still help you!”
    • Sublingual immunotherapy:
      AVANT GARDE Médical™ private ENT – Allergy clinic and Dr. Tropper, Québec leaders for treatments that have been available in Europe for 25 years. Simpler and safer than traditional desensitization allergy vaccines (shots).
    • Early screening of allergic asthma
      with digital spirometry and expired nitric oxide measurement, an innovative biomarker of allergic bronchial inflammation.
    • Molecular allergology:
      Understanding the patient’s allergy at the level of proteins to better diagnose and treat allergies. Dr. Tropper is a pioneer, in Québec and North America, regarding this science used clinically in Europe since 2001.
    • Gentle skin tests with latest technology!
    • Business/meal cards
      for food allergies.


    • See your owns ears like the doctors can and understand the issues.
    • A top of the line otologic (ear) microscope
      for precise and gentle treatment.
    • Videoendoscopy
      to check the nose, sinuses, throat and vocal cords. Pictures made available for you to discuss further with family and your doctor.
    • Rhinologist for 25 years:
      expertise in the treatment of nasal and sinus conditions!

The patient at the centre of it all!

    • Big screens:
      plenty of info to be seen and discussed!
    • Our very own Privilege Portal:
      access some of your documents and to learn even more…
    • Prepare your visit… and your questions!
      Cloud-based medical information technology at the service of your medical care.
    • Birthday card…
      and epinephrine auto injector renewal!

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