Boucherville and Ste-Julie : so close!

Boucherville and Ste-Julie : so close!

Other - 20 August 2018

Boucherville and Ste-Julie : so close!

After more than 7 years in Boucherville, AVANT GARDE Médical, the first private (non-participante RAMQ) ENT-Allergy clinic in Canada is relocating to Ste-Julie. With new offices some 2 street corners away from the eastbound Ste-Julie exit of Highway 20, our team is set greet with the same smile and accessibility they have enjoyed in Boucherville our patients from the Montreal’s South shore and indeed those from all over Quebec and abroad.

Exciting experience!

The Boucherville business community and particularly l’Association des gens d’affaires de Boucherville (AGAB) will continue to hold a special place in Dr. Tropper’s heart. The recognition granted AVANT GARDE Médical in 2014 by its “Innovation” award was a most appreciated distinction. And similarly shortly thereafter with the “Coup de Coeur” award from the CCIRS (Chambre de commerce et de l’industrie de la Rive-sud that was quite a solid booster for our team’s morale. Dr. Tropper’s commitment toward innovation and excellence will carry on in Ste-Julie. But it will also guide him in his new responsibilities with ANGANY, a new pharma. This company that Dr. Tropper has co-founded in June 2018 is putting forth a disruptive biotechnology to redefine the treatment of allergy. Stay tuned!


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