Get rid of your allergies

A private Allergy –ENT medical clinic in Quebec - 4 October 2016

Respiratory allergy has reached epidemic proportions, affecting nearly 25% of the population, not only costing millions but affecting lives in myriad patterns of suffering and complications. Our medical response to such allergies needs to improve and move beyond the traditional tenets of avoidance and the mere control of symptoms through medications that do not in effect do not reach out the source of allergy.

The one treatment that changes the course of the allergic disease is immunotherapy. The name may be complicated but the principle is simple. Somewhat like vaccines for virus-related conditions, immunotherapy for respiratory allergies aims to induce tolerance through the regular administration of precisely what respiratory allergens (be they pollens, house dust mites or animal dander, etc.) the patient is allergic to.

Traditionally, this is done by way of injections (shots) given at the physician’s office following which the patient must be observed for 30 minutes in case a serious reaction requiring immediate medical attention was to occur.

Sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) does essentially the same but because it is safer, the patient can take the treatment at home. Used in Europe since the mid-80’s, with well over 1.5 billion doses administered in over 30 countries world-wide, this form of treatment has established its popularity in the United States. AVANT GARDE Medical started treating respiratory allergy sufferers in 2011 and never looked back.

More convenient than traditional injections, sublingual immunotherapy sees the allergens applied under the tongue daily by the patient him/herself, at home. Usually 2 or 3 medical visits per year will suffice, making it easier on active modern lives than the weekly visits required by traditional injections.

Sublingual immunotherapy makes easier than ever before to treat respiratory allergies, make the patient feel better and change the course of his or her allergic disease.

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