Private practice Otolaryngology (ENT)

With over 20 years of clinical practice in Otolaryngology, Dr. Guy Tropper is proud to welcome you to AVANT GARDE Médical™, a private Allergy – ENT clinic that delivers unparalleled quality care. The entire Avant Garde Médical™ team is committed to providing patients with rapid access to medical treatments and services that are tailored to their individual needs, offered in a professional environment second to none.


A comprehensive treatment plan tailored to your individual needs

Our state-of-the-art ENT clinic supports has been designed with the goal to provide outstanding patient care. The AVANT GARDE Médical™ private Allergy – ENT clinic aims to truly place the patient at the center of the information thanks to outstanding big screen display of clinical pictures and patient chart details as well as other educational documents. From there patients are better equipped to make choices regarding treatment often for more than 1 ENT or allergy-related condition, this in the same visit.

Dr. Guy Tropper, ENT – otolaryngologist with specific training and experience in rhinology and allergy, can confront efficiently issues relating to hearing, ear noise (tinnitus), balance, vertigo or dizziness conditions. Patients with external ear infections, chronic ear disease, phlegm or mucus in the throat, catarrh, sore throat, nasal congestion or chronic sinusitis will also benefit from Dr. Tropper’s expertise and outstanding patient care. AVANT GARDE Médical™, a private Allergy – ENT clinic offers expert diagnosis and treatment for the most common problems to the more complex.

Whether your symptoms are related to an ENT disorder or respiratory allergy, AVANT GARDE Médical™, a private Allergy – ENT clinic, provides personalized evaluations and offers treatment capabilities enhanced by cutting-edge technologies. At AVANT GARDE Médical™, a private Allergy – ENT clinic, the future in ENT care is here!

Where to find us

AVANT GARDE Médical, a private clinic in ENT-Allergy is located in Ste-Julie, QC. Barely 2 blocks from the eastbound Ste-Julie exit on Highway 20, this location is easily accessible for our clients from Montérégie, Montreal’s South shore and those of the eastern part of Montreal. Read more



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