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Is there a connection between allergies ?

Is there a connection between allergies ?

That’s an excellent question that is rather complex and the subject of continuing scientific research.

On the one hand, eczema and atopic dermatitis are suspected gateways for food allergies in certain people. On the other hand, for many patients with allergies, there appears to be a natural progression of their allergic condition. This sequential development of various allergic conditions and symptoms is referred to as the atopic or allergy march. It highlights a tendency for allergic patients to suffer initially from eczema (atopic dermatitis) then food allergies and subsequently, respiratory allergies and/or asthma. We do know that patients with respiratory allergies are at increased risk of developing other respiratory allergies and/or asthma, particularly if not treated with immunotherapy. Oral allergy syndrome, also called “pollen-food allergy syndrome”, is a form of food allergy that is related to one or more respiratory allergies.

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